Crisis Intervention
Crisis intervention services are based upon a problem-solving model to provide information and referrals that assist an individual in an acute/emergency situation. Interactions and activities with an individual in crisis will stabilize emottions, clarify issues, and provide support and assistance to help explore options for resolution of the individual's self-defined crisis and needs. 

Case Management
Case management services are tangible, goal-directed interactions, advocacy, and assistance provided to an individual to obtain needed services, this includes but is not limited to; assisting the victim in completing paperwork that is necessary to make referrals to appropriate agencies, assist in finding long-term housing options, and ultimately meet the needs of the victim with the help of all available and appropriate resources. 

Court & Legal Advocacy 
Court advocacy is the provision of information, support assistance, accompaniment, and intervention with any aspect of the civil or criminal legal system on behalf of a victim of domestic and/or sexual violence. Case managers are able to assist victims in completing the necessary paperwork to complete an order of protection (click to learn more) against their abuser, as well as assist in applying for victim's assistance compensation programs, if applicable. 

Support Groups
Support groups are interactive group sessions that may be non-directed, topic oriented or information and educational which are facilitated by staff. These are every Tuesday from 5-6pm. There is a group for adults as well as a separate group for children.