Case Management 

The case manager provides support and assistance to survivors, whether the survivor is in our office or our shelter.  The case manager works with survivors to create a comprehensive needs assessment, identify achievable goals and helps link them to other appropriate resources in the community as needed. Case managers are well trained to offer survivors support in safety planning, provide the survivor with emotional support, offer assistance in applying for victim compensation programs and making referrals for emergency needs, legal aid, public benefits and other social services.

Personal Advocacy
The case manager is able to set goals with the survivor. These goals frequently include items such as locating affordable housing, obtaining transportation, accessing child care, securing permanent employment, information on how to apply for SNAP benefits, and resources for other the survivor's health.

Legal Advocacy

The case manager provides advocacy on behalf of victims to ensure that their rights are protected. The advocate is able to provide the survivor with assistance in safety planning, emotional support, and provide pertinenant information that is necessary for victims to navigate through the criminal justice system, as well as offer support to the survivor throughout the life of the case.