Community Education

We cannot end domestic and sexual violence alone. Cumbee Center relies heavily on partnerships with local law enforcement, the South Carolina legal system, medical personnel and other professionals to help us in our efforts.  We are able to provide specialized trainings to ensure that these individuals understand the complexities and dynamics of abuse, free of charge, throughout the year. 

Topics Include:

  • Warning Signs of Domestic Violence
  • Warning Signs of Sexual Assault
  • Children and Domestic Violence
  • Children and Sexual Assault
  • Safety Planning
  • Importance of Trauma-Informed Care
  • Short and Long Term Impacts of Trauma
  • Cumbee Center Resources 
  • Barriers to Escaping the Violence
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Erin’s Law
  • Cyber Safety for Children and Teens 
  • Mandated Reporting 
  • Human Trafficking

Domestic and sexual violence will only truly come to an end when the society we live in takes an educated and informed stand together. Cumbee Center works hard to educate the 6 counties we serve, about the warning signs of domestic and sexual violence, how to help if a loved one is in danger, and the effects on the community when domestic violence occurs. We are available to attend community fairs as well as provide educational presentations to religious or civic organizations. 

For more information, or to schedule a presentation or training, call us today!