Get Involved

The Cumbee Center’s mission is to support and empower domestic violence and sexual violence victims and their families by providing services, reducing the tolerance of abuse, and advocating for social change. We certainly could not live out this mission without the dedication and support of community members and talented volunteers. Cumbee Center is committed to to giving survivors, their families and friends the resources they need to reclaim their lives and start a journey to healing. 
 You can get involved by:

Speaking out
Speaking out is an important part of creating the social change we need to end domestic and sexual violence. Having the conversation about domestic and sexual violence with others is the key to preventing the violence.

Raise Awareness
Many individuals in our community choose to host an event to help the efforts of Cumbee Center, such as fundraising. Should you want more information on domestic and sexual violence, contact us to come and speak at your school, agency, organization, work-place, or place of worship. 

Whether you have an hour a month or 48 hrs a week, Cumbee Center greatly appreciates our volunteers and all of the hard work and dedication they exhibit to better the lives of victims. Explore the Volunteer tab to learn more about how you can help Cumbee Center continue to live out our mission to support and empower victims.